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Any advice for nutrition or supplements for neurological health

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Hi errbody.

I am wondering if anyone has had advanced hiv aids symptoms that affected their brain(not speaking of secondary infections but rather progressed untreated hiv) has had success with any specific supplement, medication, or diet that seems to be helpful to restore full neurological health.

If you have, looking for suggestions.

I was diagnosed about 6 months ago, was a late diagnose at 5 CD4 and aids dementia symptoms had began by then. Probably had untreated HIV for about a decade. A vast majority of those symptoms went away when I started ART therapy and I have made significant improvements in overall health. Still having issues with fatigue and what not, and am trying to nourish myself best I can. I am certain the virus caused some damage for my cognitive health. I am completely sane though I feel worn out cognitively and I donít just mean emotionally or physiologically. It is most noticeable if I lack rest or nutrition. Honestly I donít know how to describe it, some odd thoughts, though Iím not delusional, more like seems like Iím short of short circuiting I think is the best way to describe it. I am not sure if anyone can relate to what Iím trying to describe. It has improved a lot. Was far worse and more disconcerting prior to and right after diagnosis when my viral count was higher and CD4 lower. By the way, have been thorough tested for secondary infections and didnít have any, have done all sorts of blood work, spinal tap, mri, all that stuff. I believe the symptoms were just from the virus itself. Never had severe aids dementia symtoms  like seizures or becoming unresponsive but prior to diagnosis I was at wits end and those symptoms probably would have been next(well I was still able to act somewhat normal, in my mind it felt like I was descending into hell or something it was horrible, I donít feel like that anymore though when I havenít eaten enough or slept enough the feeling in my mind is disconcerting and unpleasant).

I am doing my best to consume as much calories and protein as I can. Seems difficult to get ahead in this regard, but itís doable. While I am functionally normal I get sort of burnt out feeling and it feels like a strain cognitively to maintain. Definitely progressing in the right direction as my health improves and I continue with good nutrition. Though compared to how I was feeling a few years ago, Iím still not feeling quite normal and the disease has taken a toll. I am 27, relatively young, and feel like can make a full recovery still in that regard. Supplementing with omega threes, trying to get plenty of protein and all of that. Still somewhat unpleasant and not quite where I want to be. Like I said, difficult to describe, more of a feeling almost, difficult to put in words or pinpoint or describe as its not like something I have experienced in my life prior. Also seems like anti inflammatories help. I use extreme moderation, though for some reason, I feel more normal when I take pain killers, I donít take them everyday, donít want a dependency and want to take it easy on my liver and kidneys and what not, though Iíll take them on occasion in moderate dosage and it seems to help me feel more normal physically and mentally even though not psychiatric medication. Seems like I still have a lot of inflammation which may explain that. By no means the route I want to take, just being honest. My physical health has improved but Iím still sort of in discomfort regularly, no specific pain, just feel like my body is depleted and strained. I want to heal preferably from nutrition and not cover symptoms with medication.

I want to know if anyone has any advice for diet, supplements, therapies, or medication with neurological restorative benefits. Getting my sleep and eating well seems to be best I can do. For attention and energy modafinil helps, though Iím not taking it often because trying to be easy on my liver and more focus on rest and sleep than alertness and energy for now. That sort of is something to help symptoms rather than repairing damage done.

If anyoneís been down this road already and can recommend any specific supplements or food that helped you, awesome, thank you. Any advice is appreciated. If you are newly diagnosed or experiencing late stage symptoms keep fighting. For me it got better. Just trying to do my best to get back to my full potential and feel more normal and like myself again(honestly, aside from fatigue, cognitively Iím feeling better than I had last year and half prior to diagnosis, also not having headaches, which I had the year before diagnosis). I will tell you, if you are experiencing any symptoms like those, and or are new to treatment, avoid alcohol at all costs, even if it is temporarily pleasant, for me it always made it worst(not drinking at all, have a had a few drinks since diagnosis for special occasions but still avoiding completely).

Thanks, have a good day, stay safe out there

Hello. I figured what I needed. Turns out diazapam treats HIV in brain cells. I am very happy I figured this out. Relieves the symtoms I was having. Now Iím just pissed off ive been suffering all this time for no reason and they didnít prescribe it to me. I was infected with untreated HIV for a decade, and had 5 CD4 at diagnosis. Of course was affecting brain by then. Itís a night and day difference. Now of the doctors seem to recommend this. The studies are there. Look at this study. Scroll down, look at he images. A: no hiv. B: HIV antibodies proteins highlighted in green C: hiv brain treated with diazepam.  My doc has been cool about everything else, very awesome person not gonna fault her, but I think she thought I was just doc shopping for meds when I showed her this study. Now I am kinda pissed off the world because I tried diazepam and itís really working, both for my brain and for my physical discomfort. Diazepam can cause drowsiness, but feeling slightly sleepy is way fucking better than feeling like however the fuck I was feeling before. My brain hurt, my body hurt, I had unexplainable cognitive distress(not psychological anxiety, but like something very unpleasant that was driving me crazy despite the fact I was sane). Now I can think more clearly and my body doesnít hurt and I feel like my normal self like I did years before diagnosis. Iíll be cautious, because I donít want tolerance or withdrawals, but thank God I found an answer. I honestly actually have more energy than I did(paradoxically as diazepam causes drowsiness) because my body isnít uncomfortable and I donít have a constant buzzard mind head ache. The diazepam stops the inflammation. In my first post, I mention I tried pain pills, because it seemed to help some, probably helped a little bit with inflation, but diazepam is way better. And I really donít want to take opiates. I also was having insomnia, not sure if dapsone and bikitarvi side affects, or just mild aids dementia because of late diagnosis far advanced HIV infection at time of diagnosis, but now I sleep like an angel. Sorry for my foul language but Iím both very happy and very pissed off. Anyone experiencing aids dementia or far advanced  hiv infection causing mental and/or physical distress should be prescribed diazepam(Iím not a doctor, so I canít recommend it for others, I am just saying, this is the only thing that has provided me relief).

dallas nk:
Are there any natural supplements that work for this?

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: dallas nk on April 26, 2020, 10:07:26 am ---Are there any natural supplements that work for this?

--- End quote ---

Not that I'm aware off any but if you are diagnosed with HAND as it's called by your doctor, it's something to discuss.

Progress and understanding thankfully has been made since the mid-'90s reference from the OP including HIV treatments that cross the brain barrier. Far from finished but good progress nonetheless.


Diazepam crosses the blood brain barrier and has antiviral properties. Multiple studies verifying this. The protein Tat causes a lot of the AIDs dementia and inflammation symptoms Iíve experienced. Diazepam tackles the Tat. Also takes care of my insomnia perfectly, I only take it at night and the symptoms are gone during the day. Unfortunately my doctor wonít prescribe it. About a month and a half ago I had about two weeks of supply. Was the healthiest Iíve been all year. Felt like almost normal again, was able to sleep normally at normal hours and stay asleep. The month since stopping, the symptoms have returned and my health is not improving the way it was. Having terrible insomnia now, have odd pressure headaches. I am certain the diazepam would work. I will get more regardless of whether prescribed, the studies and affects Iíve noticed were obvious and changes my quality of life by magnitudes. Can avoid tolerance and withdraw by only dosing in the evening before bed. I think if I start talking it again, and it treats my condition and I no longer have those symptoms, not sure if the neurologist will prescribe(if they even would prescribe it in the first place) if I wasnít exhibiting the symptoms. Idk but it seems vitally necessary for me. With such low CD4 starting point, I canít handle the insomnia, makes me frail and digresses my progress. So Iím going to take it anyway if I can. Iím continuing my antiretroviral of course, no changes to my other meds. Adding diazepam whether my doctors recommend it or not. All the studies on diazepam and HIV and tat and neurotoxicity all make perfect sense relative to my symptoms. With coronavirus arround I want to avoid doctors offices, and I need to be in the best physical condition possible, so Iím going to do whatís best for me. Melatonin and benydryl do nothing to cure the type of insomnia I get, only valium is effective, and I think not only because the sedative properties but also because the suppression of tat. Iíve had worse dementia like symptoms before, and if I donít do what I need to do to take care of myself I think it could get worse like that again. I will consult a neurologist, however my general practitioner is no help and just talks about drug abuse. Iím not going to abuse any drug, I just wont live in constant discomfort and insomnia and this definitely works best for me.


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