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Hi, all

I used to be on her 24/7, but haven't posted in ages. Posting now because I'm stressed to the max.

Long story short: I had a stroke last year. While at my sister's house recovering, Disability sent me one of those questionnaires about the state of my Disability. I wasn't home to get it, and even when a follow up came from them, it arrived at my house about two weeks after it was due. End result? They cut off my Disability, including my Medicare A and B.

I've put in for an appeal, and was supposed to still be getting payments while that was pending, but the 3rd came and went with no deposit. I couldn't get my HIV meds or any others because the Medicare was yanked. I got them after calling Wellcare and trying to negotiate for them, but now I've gotten mail from them as well saying if I don't have it all solved by April 9th, I'll be on the hook for all the meds I've already gotten. That's $4,000 per month I don't have.

Meantime, I'm being scrutinized by SS about my Disability while I can't even go to the doctors because theyve left me with neither insurance nor money.

I was originally granted Disability for HIV as well as BPMD. These things don't go away. I've since also had a stroke and have limited ability on my left side. Thing is, they know this stroke happened. They mentioned it in one of their notices. This has all happened solely because of that stupid questionnaire that I wasn't able to return to them fast enough to satisfy them.

I fought 10 years for Disability, and they yanked everything away over a period of roughly 10 weeks.

I need direction. I need legal advice  I need a miracle.

The United States Healthcare system sucks.

Jim Allen:
Don't have an answer for you but wanted to say sorry to hear about the stroke, hope things get sorted with the Disability payments soon.


--- Quote from: Jim Allen on March 14, 2023, 03:36:46 am ---Don't have an answer for you but wanted to say sorry to hear about the stroke, hope things get sorted with the Disability payments soon.

--- End quote ---

Thanks. I didn't digure you would since most of the First World doesn't have our fucked up Healthcare system.

Hi Tim,

I remember meeting you at the POZ gathering in San Francisco in 2007. Those were better times.

Iím so sorry to hear of your stroke and that your disability benefits have been cut off. Essentially, they cut you off because you were too disabled to respond to their questionnaire. I always used to dread those questionnaires. (Iím 74 now, so I no longer have to deal with them.) It appears that disability insurers are just looking for ways to cut people off from benefits. I hope youíll be able to get your benefits restored.

Would Georgiaís ADAP be able to help you with the meds?


OMG! Wow! Long time, no talk! Yes, I remember you from the San Fran AMG. You led us on a fabulous walking tour - one of the highlights of my trip!. Thank you for responding.

Yes, they essentially cut me off for being too disabled to respond to their questionnaire.  That's what happened, BUT the good news is I think I've gotten it resolved. I marched in to the SS office in person and laid it all out there for them, what happened and why. The woman I talked to called the one in charge of my case, and they said they are going to be pushing it through, Medicare and all.

Granted, I'll believe it when I actually see the deposits and get my next meds/doctor appointments,  but as for now the word us good.  They said to expect it to go through within the week. I'll post here as a final update.

So good to hear from you!

PS: ADAP was going to be my route if I didn't get anywhere at SS.


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