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Changing Doctor and Hospital :-S


HI guys!

I'll have to change to another HIV Doc due to "strategic changes" ordered my our Government :-S. They closed the HIV praxis in the Hospital I being seen and grouped everybody in another one which should be "specialized" in these kind of illness, together with other infectious diseases, tropical diseases and so on....
I was so happy with my Doc.... She proposed to go with her to another Hospital outside Lisbon.... but it's just too far away... i can't imagine being there at 8:00 AM for blood tests... or 3:00 PM for appointments. I know I wouldn't make it... it would be too much of an effort for me. I would probably start missing all those and don't want to risk that.
I hope my knew Doctor will be as good as this one.... but you know.... we're always afraid that someone unprepared or just not nice.... Let's keep thinking positive.
Anyway, I'm going to meet her for one last goodbye appointment and thank her for having put me in good spirits when I thought I was about to die in a couple of years. She was my 1st HIV doc... it's special.
If things go as planned, in July I'll have my first appointment in the new hospital with the new doc. Let's wait and see.

water duck:
The first lesson i learned here on the AM was :


I had put that into practice from the very first day. Therefore i choose which doctor i want to see, look after me & also the hospital to do all that.

U can group everything together on the same day, if u really connect with the doctor, making that effort will be worth all the trouble : a thought to think over.


PS : ofcourse if we don't give changes a chance, progress may never be made.

Good luck with your new Dr. Mine is an idiot. I have to see him the 8th. If he behaves as the first time Ill ask for a different one...

Good luck with the new doctor. Hoping you get a good one. Thank heavens hubby has a good dr and we both like her very much.



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