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Hello my fellow members, as a part of an organization it needs an advisory board. There are (9) nine seats available.

If you have experience in fund raising and awareness, please feel free to let it be known.

Organization\Advisory Board\Members

Okay, now I am really confused. Why nine? Why not twelve,thirty,or seventy? I guess you are going ahead with this project. What are the requirements for Advisory Board Membership?

I am sorry to say this...and please correct me if I am wrong...but something does not seem right.


We generally try to keep all thoughts on the same subject within one thread in the forums.  So instead of starting a new thread to request for Board members, I would probably have just added on to one of the other threads you have already started on the fund.  This makes it much easier for people to follow.


I agree that this should have gone into the other thread you started on this subject. I can merge it into that thread for you, but wanted to say something to you first before doing so.


Ann, will you merge it with the other thread? Thanks.


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