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Exasperated!! When will it end??

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Today I was reading through Craigslist for San Francisco.

Usually, when i read through Craigslist, I am searching for something.  Today it was available rooms for rent. :(

This, alone is a daunting task.  Needless to say, I find myself exasperated - almost in the same way I was when I didn't have a solid shit for over 4 weeks, stomach cramps that were so bad I ended up in the hospital and a strange computer virus that kept making Netflix repeatedly send me CATS the musical for 8 days in a row.  (this just a few weeks ago, and I've only recently started to make breakthroughs with my therapist!)

It seems that the lovely people of Craigslist are searching for clones of themselves as roommates.  From the advertisements, one  might believe that the ad were really seeking someone for a blood transfusion.  Many of the ads seem to read something to the effect of:  22 y.o. female, seeks dog-friendly, vegan, amputee, cross-dressing, black, republican, american-indian female with a pubic weave.

Now, I happen to be NONE of these things, except perhaps dog friendly -- though there was a period of drag-queenery where I considered a pubic weave - but that was long, long ago.  Besides I gave up those dark arts, in exchange for anonymity within my own society dog-years ago!.  (I must confess... There's nothing worse than to hear people to say, "HEY, WILMA! NICE SEEING YOU HERE AT THE BATHHOUSE, WEREN'T YOU KICKED OUT OF HERE FOR EROTIC VAGRANCY JUST LAST WEEK???") and I DO assure you all that I have eschewed those behaviors long long ago.

Now, I don't know why I'm posting here, really, except to say that god forbid I should tell a potential roommate that I'm HIV+.  I would hate to think of the complications that might bring into the realm of online advertisers of rooms available.  And now, my doctor is talking about putting me on meds. :(  my numbers aren't all that bad.  I don't eat sushi (okay I'm lying -- I can't give it up -- I've tried!  It calls me like a telemarketer with no conscience!).  My Tcells are at 390 (I'm kind of on the cusp, I know) and my VL is at 44,000 (give or take a couple of the little bastards).

I'm tired.  I'm tired of tired.  I'm tired of being sick, and I'm tired of any other variation of sick and tired you could conceivably fathom -- and I'm even moreso tired of living in my 7' 8" X 7' 8" room with my full-sized loft bed, dresser, my piano, blueprints for world domination --which I seem to have misplaced sometime last February, and no freakin' windows.  But on the brighter side, the ceilings are high.

So, strangely, having written all of this, I feel mysteriously better.  I don't know why, and moreover, I don't care.  But I should mention, I do have a lovely doctor... I think....   I mean, I haven't really seen her, but I'm certain she must be great, I mean her name is in print on the marquee outside her office.  And the checks I write to her for the evil HealthNet copays seem to get cashed.  So yeah...  she's a good doctor! :)  even though there still aren't any reasons why I almost shit myself to death a few weeks ago.  But I digress.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! :)  it's supposed to be 65 degrees today!


Dear Joe,

If you are on disability and are eminently homeless, your case manager can get you into subsidized housing.  This would require a letter from your land lord stating the you have to move out within 60 days.  That reason can be any reason such as structural repairs, sale/listing of the unit or virtually any reason they want you out of the dwelling, you should qualify.  Sorry, I can't control the weather, I'm good but not that good.  Have the best day

Dear Strayboy,

I could handle all-of-the-above except the vegan Republican.  Perhaps we could BBQ that detestable creature and solve both problems simultaneously.

Warm regards from beyond the fogbank in Martinez,

PS Pubic Weave would make a great name for a band, i'm thinking.

Dear Strayboy,

Ah the mysterious poopies...everyone here has a story to tell. How many times have I driven like a bat out of hell to try and make it to my porcelain sanctuary....

I do like your attitude and wish you the best. I grew up in the North Bay and sure do miss the weather...the summers in the south :'(


Michael brings up a good point.  Why are you stressing about this all on your own.  Give all this shit to your case manager and if you don't have one, get one.  They do most of the work of finding a place, and then you simply go sign all the documents.  Poverty sucks but it is certainly still relative.

I do miss "The City" once in a while, and I miss the Star Bakery, and all the good Chinese food; but now that I am not faced with the huge rents, and taxes, I have become comfortable in the Arizona High Desert.

Hope all this works out for you.

In Love and Support.


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