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Hubby went to the dr this afternoon. The dr said nothing else showed up in the tests he had taken in the hospital. He still has to take the anti bacterial for the meningitis, till all the meds are gone. He doesnt need the pain meds anymore for his back or head so thats good.  The dr is wanting him to get some kind of test for his lungs. His xrays looked real good she said but he had alot of wheezing. She told him he needed to quit smoking so hopefully he will. He says he likes the new meds alot better than the Viracept and Combivir. She said in july or august that Truvada and Sustuva will be combined into one pill and she will put him on that.

So hopefully now that he did his stint in the hospital he will start getting alot better.

Teresa :)

Hello Teresa,

 Thanks for the update. It's good to hear that things are getting better. Yep, your husband should give up the cigs. It will be tough, but ultimately it will be much better and healthier for him.I am an ex-smoker many years ago, I know how tough it is to quit. Wishing your husband continued improvement.

The Best-----Ray


It's awesome to hear that your husband is doing better. Hopefully, those good reports will continue to be the norm when he goes to the doctor.

I know about the cigs. I actually enjoy smoking for the calming and social elements. However, HIV + Tobacco = Perfect Storm. I'm trying to give it up too. So far I've gone 1 full day without a cigarette. Here's hoping he can too.


Hi Teresa, somehow in all the maelstrom of switching over to this new forum I missed hearing about this meningitis.  Glad to hear it's been nipped in the bud and things are getting better for your hubby.

Let me echo the comments: No Smoking/No Fumer!

(I just enjoy seeing your avatar makes me smile.)

Take care,

Hi Teresa

I'ts good to hear Hubby is doing a lot better, and I'm glad to hear the pain has gone.

Just take one day at a time, I know how hard it has been on you both but he will soon be on his feet again.

Jan :)


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