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Hello friends, I signed in to respond to a few PMs and I was directed to the new site.  Thank goodness I had said up my profile, one less thing to worry about :) I probably should have gotten acquainted with the testing forum but I'll just wing it.  I wasn't much of a pro on the old site so I'm sure it will take me awhile to find my way around here.  Just happy to know we are to find you all.

So Jeffrey and I had a very long weekend.  He was off Thursday through Tuesday for the Memorial Day weekend.  It was hot and humid here but we got out and visited friends, planted flowers, planted a garden, went to the Humane Society, went shopping, enough to eat, and went to see X-Men on Monday.  So we had a very busy weekend with only one downfall.  On Friday night when we went out to eat I stepped away from the table for just a few minutes and my wallet was stolen.  I totally sucked and although it ruined my Friday night we didn't let it ruin the rest of the weekend.  Sunday and Monday both we didn't use my wheelchair at all.  Everywhere we went I was able to walk with my cane.  Saturday I even road my recumbent bike for 40 minutes.  I'm not able to ride very quick so 40 minutes for me was just a little over 7 miles.  So with my bike ride and all of my walking over the weekend my calf muscles have been sore.  Assuming most of you are familiar with my situation I'll jump right into my therapy appointment from yesterday.  I walked in to my appointment with a regular stick cane.  At my therapist was very happy to see me without a quad cane taking better strides and putting more weight on my left side.  Putting more weight on my left side has allowed me to control the clonus I experienced in my left ankle even with all of the walking over the weekend I experienced very little clonus over the weekend.  At my appointment my therapist made a splint for my left wrist in hopes to keep it from curling up when I walk.  My left arm still wants to rise up a when I walk but she feels it's more of a balanced reaction.  She was thrilled to hear that I have set a personal goal to walk in AIDSWalk in September and is confident that I will be able to walk the walk without my cane.  So last night to begin training September I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes any.  Slow speed.  It was so slow that in 20 minutes I didn't even walk a mile but heck it's a start :) I'm confident that I can do this so I've even already signed up on the AidsWalk web site

I'm not too sure how to add a link but I'll try to add my AidsWalk link here

Well I'm glad to have made it to the new forum and can't wait to start reading the new threads.  I think I even saw something about the buddy list :)

Way to go!  :D

I know it has been difficult.

I am awed by your determination and humbled by your courage.



WOW! Jeff!!

You are truly an inspiration... you've been through so much and have come so far.  I'm proud of you and you've given me strength to do more than ever.  Thanks for being you... YOU'RE AMAZING!!!

Keep up the great work...

All my love,

Trish :-*

PS  Bummer about your wallet...sorry! 

water duck:
Dear Jeff,

U can count on me to be there on the front line cheering you on !!

Please don't push yourself too hard, go slow !!


honey, even getting out there and walking a bit is a success in my book.... doesn't matter if you complete the whole thing.   We had a walk in orlando... 3 times around a lake (about 3 miles total).  I did 2 of them (i took puppy and didn't want to tire her out on a hot day).   

All that matters is that you are there and do your best.


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