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Maturation inhibitors?

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As a sidenote, after my diagnosis (Aug 2021) my ID doctor offered me that if I wanted to he could refer me to an experimental trial going on here in Argentina regarding a newer drug belonging to the "Maturation inhibitor" class.
I was really anxious at that time (I needed certainties) so I asked to start treatment with generic Dovato (dolutegravir + lamivudine) instead (which I'm currently happy with, even though I've just started a month and a half ago).

I feel curious about this new class of drugs, though.

Does anybody have any information on maturation inhibitors or newer meds?

Big hugs to all

Jim Allen:
Would that offer have been GSK3640254? There have been a few over the years but I think this one was the most recent. (2019) Early Studies of HIV Maturation Inhibitor Shows Itís Safe and Tolerable (2021)
Maturation Inhibitor Shows Promise for HIV ó Encouragement from phase II study, but emergent resistance remains a problem

I don't think off the top of my head there are any Maturation Inhibitor HIV treatments in general use though. Few attempts over the last decade+ I know that, but happy to be corrected though if anyone knows an approved Maturation Inhibitor for HIV treatment?

There is this cheat sheet with a list of treatments.

Might split this into its own topic, still debating it with myself.

Yeah, that sounds probable (GSK3640254), since the article says that it's for people new to ARVs
It'll be interesting to follow this up :)

I'm glad I said no, though, since I also just read that there were reports of drug resistances and that it had to go paired with other 2 NNRTIs, so I'd rather stay with my current Dovato treatment (I haven't had a check-up after starting, though)

Jim Allen:
So as a note, I split the above posts into a new topic on "Maturation inhibitors"

The original topic can be found here: Dolutegravir Trumps Other HIV Meds in Cutting Viral Load


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