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Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with brain fog and flatulence along with neuropsychiatric symptoms and joint cracks. Since the 10th day I contracted HIV, I've had a white coating on my tongue. I attributed my symptoms to my meds, but everytime I do something to clear the candida like probiotics or cinnnamon my tongue gets cleared and my symptoms ease very much. I am probably already notorious here for trying to fix everything with the diet, but has anyone tried the carnivore diet that is so much touted against autoimmunity and depressive symptoms?

Jim Allen:

So it's reoccurring thrush? Have you talked to the doc about this? Perhaps next time it flares up go see them

Best, Jim

Yes, it's a recurrent thrush, but, seemingly it doesn't progress nor does it heal, been this way for over a year now. It seems like it's the new balance between my immune system and commensal microorganisms after the major shift following primary HIV infection.
I didn't tell my doctor about it, because I thought that I might sound kind of hypochondriac-y, but it is not the way it should be, I guess. I'll tell him next time.

Hi There,..

Keep mentioning this to your doctor.  Do you smoke and drink alcohol ?  If so. you really need to stop both., and then watch and see, if the candida clears up. You should probably also avoid any sugary drinks etc. I also believe your doctor can scrape the tongue, to confirm it is indeed candida.

Never tried the canivore diet.  Also, probiotics alone, will not treat the Candida. You need medication, ( Candida and thrush is an infection) if you have never been on these medications, you will need to get a prescription.

Check the link below for medications available. As someone who has dealt in the past with Thrush and severe esophageal thrush,  I know how unpleasant this is for you.

My advice, get a confirmed diagnosis from your Doc, and get on the medication that deals with this. don't smoke, don't drink, no sugary drinks, If you do get on medications, take the medications as directed, and DON'T skip or miss doses. Continue with medications until this is cleared up. If you need to get a refill do so quickly before finishing up your medication.

Good luck, hope this clears up for you ! 


Here's a link from POZ :


By the way, When I had mouth thrush and esophageal candidia, DIFLUCAN, is what got rid of it completely for me. Some may require an additional medication to help get rid of it. I may have been on that medication, for three weeks or so, until it was completely gone.

The second time I got it ( shortly after starting on meds ) I did DIFLUCAN again, And it cured it again.  Haven't had it since around January of 2004. So, It's been around 15 years. thrush free !!



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