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Does the Mediterranean Diet Work?

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dallas nk:
Iíve recently ran across info stating that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet for those living with HIV. Has anyone tried it? Does it work long term? Iíve been trying to slowly adopt it into my diet regime. Iím hoping to lower my cholesterol being that Iíve tested high for it lately. Iím also hoping it will possible counteract some off the efffects of inflammation from the virus? And side effects from long term haart? Has anyone been implementing this diet long term and experienced success?

I'm on a low carb diet and it works.

The Mediterranean 'diet' can be very flexible to your tastes.

I've been playing with it for about twenty plus years.

The high amounts of vegetables and pulses can look like salads, stews,Mediterranean, Indian, East Asian. Southern European middle eastern or north African foods.  Mix it up a bit it's a fun way to eat.

Mediterranean usually works well with exercising too.
In Greece at least,there's an island that it's residents have a high life expectancy due to their diet and lifestyle. They follow the religions (Christian orthodox) diet,by fasting (by eating legumes and beans) certain days and eating meat once a week.
In general that's how our way of eating works here in all of Greece,but in ikaria it's in a bigger scale. However am hour walk every day would be good with this diet.

it should work. I went to a Keto diet and my results were incredible - best results ever - even before my Dx.


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