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Partner newly diagnosed with HIV and PCP

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glad to hear things continue to go well :)

Hey all, latest update is his CD4 levels jumped up to 272 so we are both really happy right now. This is the highest itís been since his diagnosis of a CD4 of 10.

Give them time and the meds work.  Glad about your partners new higher numbers.  Keep us posted.

Great news, Lee82! 

Keep up the excellent progress.

Congratulations to you both.

Hello all, I hope everyone is keeping well and staying safe.

I felt it was important to put an update on here, as I remember scouring this forum back in 2016 when my partner was in intensive care, having been diagnosed with Aids, a cd4 count of 10 and covered in KS lesions. This is for anyone reading now whose partner is in a similar situation...

My partner has recovered. His CD4 count has been over 200 for 2 years now, he works full time, the lesions have gone, his breathing is fine. All is well. Going through something like that is something that stays with you for life. But thankfully we got through it just in the nick of time. If you know someone who has been diagnosed, support them but also remember to be good to yourself too. I promise once they are on the correct medication you will see an improvement.


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