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Is there any hope for my skinny legs ?


I read all the time, searching for a hope but so far nothing !!
My legs !!!God - its impossible , no matter what I'll ware , pepole always look at me, I can see it in their eyes when they look at my legs. Its impossible to continue this way ? What can I do inorder to increase fat / volume to my legs ? My dr. doesn;t reccomend on any of the steroids and such (I am woman).
I am planing on starting weight training next week , i bought this multi trainer ... is this can help my legs looking better ??? Any tip will be much appreciated.

Hi Panda,

weight training for your legs should help a bit (actually could help with other body parts too). Just make sure you get into exercises that will build up muscle mass and not too much into endurance type of exercise. Think of the shape of a marathoner vs the shape of a sprinter (well, one who isn't full of steroids anyway). Their mucles have developped different ratios of fibers (slow/fast) to adapt to their needs, hence their different shapes. If you are not sure about this get the help of an instructor.

My current physical training consists of 3 times a week at the gym, starting with 20mins cardio/warmup followed by 90 minutes of weight training. Add to this loads of walking and the occasional rowing at home.
I am experiencing lipo all over and because I've always been into sports I have now a very "ripped" look, muscular but also veiny. Not the prettiest but at least I am not too skinny...

oh well, I guess all we can do is try ;D

best of luck,



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