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Hi-Is there any exercise that helps fight the deep-tissue fat I developed?
It s located between my navel and my thorax,I can kinda grab it, it's like a big pomelo,while under my navel I have not too much fat.
I ask this because i'm afraid that when I exercise a lot my face and legs and arms might get skinnier while the bulge will stay.
Thanks for any feed back  :-*


You stand a better chance of diminishing fat deposists when you do endurance type of exercises rather than power/force training. To start eating into your fat reserves you need min 15-20mins of exercise (cycling, rowing). You would have to go through serious fat loss to lose fat on your face (think of people like pro cyclists who have very low body fat - they burn about 10 000 calories/day when on the Tour de France, burning 1000 in the gym is already a nice effort, 45 mins of rowing will get you through 600-700).

As for your recently developped deposit, if you can grab it I would venture that it sits above your abdominal muscles, unless those are a bit lose. If that's the case you may be able to have it removed.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Pat, btw by 'havin it removed' do you mean surgery?
Have a nice weekend, really appreciate your taking the time to answer me.

In all that I have read about lipo, it seems that surgicaly removing fat that lies under your abdominals is very tricky, as it is weaved too tightly with blood vessels, fascia and the organs around. So they usually don't attempt it.

With your description I tend to think that your fat sits above your muscles, underneath your skin. It may have deposited in an unusual fashion but it lies where fat normaly goes. Your meds might be interacting with the way your body uses fats but it is worth trying exercise to diminish this. In any case exercising will benefit you.



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