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Any Doctors In Los Angeles Who Will Remove Lipo Belly from hiv patients?


I am hiv positive for 21 years that I know of.I'm 48 years old and male . My  lipo belly is 46 inches now.I HATE IT ! Even though I watch what I eat and excersise every  day ! Belly is still big.
I want to have the lipo belly removed !  Does anyone here know of any doctors in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica or Beverly Hills  area who does this on hiv patients?

It's taken YEARS for my lipo to progress..I want to look and feel  normal again..instead of having this big hard belly and being lectured by my doctor each time about how fat my  stomach is..I pointed out to her its lipo..and had her feel my hard belly..all she said back to me was that i never should of taken all those hiv meds i took in the past.i told her i would'nt be aliove today if I had'nt taken them..she said..You don't know that..Enough about hyer..she's uneducated and ignorant !

Anyway,I'd appreciate it if someone here  knjows of a good doctor who does lipo removal on hi9v patients.


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