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Anyone on Reyataz that shows Lipo?


I have been on Reyataz ever since I started meds (nearly a year and half now) and show no signs whatsoever of Lipo.  Also, my cholesterol numbers are good.   I opted for Reyataz when I first found out I was positive because of the early favorable reports on the lipid numbers.

Anyone out there who's only PI has been Reyataz and has shown Lipo?

Anyone else who would like to comment on the subject please do.  Thanks.

PS - my other med is Truvada.   T-cell of 650 after being at 187 when I first started meds.   I am also on testosterone therapy.

Hi ScottL

I was on a host of different drugs for about eight years until I switched to Reyataz. It seems to be the best yet for me. I take it once a day with Ritonavir, 3TC and ABC, (now combined as Kivexa).

My lipo symptoms have abated except for face and feet. (No one talks about feet).

But I also eat carefully, practice yoga and bicycle everyday.


I switched to Reyataz, Norvir and Truvada about 9 months ago. I've noticed a slight improvement in the lipoatrophy on my arms and legs. I thought it might be wishful thinking on my part until my partner commented on it. We used to have comparable "veininess" on our legs but my legs now look significantly less veiny than his.


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