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How to increase the number of your TC4

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I would like to share with you my own experience as I have already did with all my friends, and it works.
To understand better what you have to do I am just explaining, briefly, my situation:
I have been diagnosed when I was 16, now I am 31. I used to live in Italy, but after some mistakes in my results I decided to move to London for a short break and since them I am living here. When I arrived at the St. Mary hospital in London, 6 yers ago, I was very concerned about my TC4 count, but a doctor suggested me to try something different to raise up the numbers... from 200 to 300, to 400, to.... it is already 3 years I am from 1150 to 1200.

Combined with your therapy, you need to follow a special diet:

For the first 3 years you need to follow this diet for at lest 6 months, the for the rest of the yers just 3 months every year or when you TC4 are falling down. The diet is very simple and easy to make, but it takes you a while to re-arrange your habits.

Here the instructions:

1) Everything you cook need to be steamed (just buy a normal steamer in plastic, NOT IN METAL)
2) After you cooked your meal you need to put it in a mixer until it became liquid
3) All your meals looks like a soup or thick soup
4) You need to take some supplement everyday ( Vitamins, mineral salts ) can be find in any drug stores but you need also Omega 3 oils and Cod Liver Oil. (people who are using Kaletra will boost their TC4 quicker with this combination)
5) You need to change a bit your habits regarding pasta and bread. For the 1st 3 years, unfortunately you are alllowed to eat just rice. After that you can start again to eat your pasta and bread but be careful to not exagerate.
6) You need to follow everytime a combination ( I will explain later)
7) You need to "cut" coffee (max 2 per day)
8) Alchool, sorry but you need to restrict it at max 1 bottle of wine per week or max 3 pints of beer per week


I will explain to you the perfect combination:

By portion "p" I mean 100g

Breakfast: must be from 6 to 8.30am

p Milk,1/2p Yougurt, p fruit (nice milk shake) ;) you can add if you like 1/2p of any cereals you like.

Lunch: mush be from 12.30 to 2pm
p any meat you like + 2 p of veggies you like + you can add 20g oil, or 1/2 p boiled water, or 1/2 p tomato chunks or soup, or 1/2 p of beans (any kind)
Remember 6 times a week you need to eat at lest:

Snack: from 4 to 6pm
You can eat any portions of veggies or fruit you like
(no snack bars)

Dinner: from 6.30 to 8
1 p of meat or fish you like, 2 p of veggies you like + 1/2 p of boiled water only
Find the best combination for you, but remember:
Any fish is good
Pork is allowed just 4 times a week
Try to eat as much as you can white meat
Do not forget you supplements

Snack: from 10 to 11.30
After dinner you can have 1p of gruits or yougurt

Drinks: as many fruit juice you can, milk, still water anytime anywhere, no diet coke, coke sparkling drinks.

I know for experience it takes a while to go on with this diet, but you can eat a lot. You just need to be a little bit more organized. The food is like petrol for a car, you can put it in a diesel. So eat more properly.

  If you have any doubts please contact me.

Eating a balanced meal is all that is preferable

This is advice that I would consider UTTER RUBBISH

I'm sorry, but I must totally disagree with your advice.   Just because you may be on such a diet and have good numbers does not equal the diet causing good numbers.

I don't know how you arrived at this diet, or the conclusion that it increased your #'s
there are so many flaws in it that I dont know where to start.
 personally, you lost me with 'TC4 count..'.  enjoy your broccoli carrot Zuchini slurpee, (don't forget to buy extra toilet paper)  I puree all of my food as well through a process known as Chewing.
A well balanced diet and some  proven supliments are a big part of successfully living with HIV,  If you stick around and read what some of the members here have to offer you may very well get some much more sound advice.

The Canuck:

--- Quote ---1) Everything you cook need to be steamed (just buy a normal steamer in plastic, NOT IN METAL)
--- End quote ---

What is happening if the steamer is in metal  ???

The Canuck

If the steamer is metal, you will turn green and explode when you drink your slop.
This is one of the flaws in this diet,  I wonder if he paused to consider that the blade of the blender is made of metal.... this reminds me of vegetarians that walk around in leather shoes....


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