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How should I fight weight loss/mussle loss and metabolic problems?

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You can still take anabolics, but at lower doses and with careful monitoring under a doctor. There are some strategies discussed at



Please don't misunderstand me, I didn't intend to suggest that there's no possible treatment available for women.  I just noted that certain anabolic steroids, like testosterone, may have undesirable side-effects in women.  You should investigate others.

For general information on lipoatrophy, you can find a lot here:  The link will tell you a fair amount about what is known -- and what is unknown -- about HIV-related lipoatrophy.  There is a discussion of cosmetic treatments for lipoatrophy as well.  I know that many people have used the injectible filler PMMA to treat lipoatrophy of the buttocks.  PMMA is not available here in the United States, but my recollection is that you are Israeli, and I have no idea whether PMMA is available in your country.  Check out Ford's lipoatrophy page for information on PMMA.  It's here:

One final comment -- I don't know anything about the state of HIV care in Israel, but it's very important that you find a doctor who has experience treating HIV-infected patients.  So if you are currently seeing a general practitioner, your doctor may not have sufficient expertise with HIV to help you deal with these issues.  If you're already seeing an HIV specialist, then I'd talk to him/her about the problems you're having.  If your medication regimen is working, but you're still losing weight, there may be other metabolic factors at work, and these need to be investigated carefully.

I wish you the best of luck.



Shalom dear.

I tried the "thebody" and to be honest, just got me upset and frustrated,
Here in Israel I have a great doc. , but as far as he care, as long as I have good results with my blood test , that'a enough, he doesn't pay much of attention for the other needs such as fighting the lipo.
Anyway, I think there are no girls in this forum, why ? I want to ask woman all about their experiense with anabolic and seems there is no one single woman except me ofcourse. Do u know any woman who tried these anabolic ? what about thia PMM filler ? I bet its very expensive as well,
I once read in aidsmap about this grith hormone replacement who did a good job, do u know about it? i herd about vitalin who's also kind of gh replacement , do u know something about it and its effective on woman?
what about sport? weight training, do u think it will help my legs look fatter? how long should it train before i'll see some results ?
Sorry for all my questions, thanks fr your suppoert.
The situation here in Israel right now with the war and everythnk is bad enough without the hiv , so ... (but that''s a subject for some other forum) :-)


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