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The Body has a new Lipoatrophy Resource Center with a lot of information on lipo and treatments. You can check it out


This site is very interesting,

Thanks for posting it ,Ford



Thanks for posting this.  Your story is really enlightening, and it's great to have the benefit of all the research you've done.

As for me, I'm seeing a plastic surgeon soon about Sculptra injections.  I live in California, so I might actually get this covered by insurance.

Thanks again,


;D Thakyou so much for this site. I have found much good info which has helped me make some decisions about my Haart. I have been on Trizivir for over 5 years now and I see the effects of it on my legs and back.

On Monday I will talk once more with my Doc. And tell him I want a change; a new Haart without AZT. I am sure this should be no prob. I think It's just to bad that my Doc. did not see this as an option for 1 year as I asked him what we could do about my lipo. sometimes the best medicine is research and taking responsibility for ones' self.

Thankyou for sharing your story and this great info, you have hepled me ;D


Thanks Ford ..I read the articles for nearly an hour..interesting stuff..some of which I have personally experienced and can vouch for the study results as an individual    ..overall wasting ( fat and muscle ) loss of fat in arms , face
( cat 5), legs and especially butt... 
I hope some of this research produces a reversal process and a preventative process for the rest of you who haven't deteriorated as far as I have over the last 12 yrs......

I am enrolled in a Sculptra program, have my 4th treatment Monday ( 26th )  starting to show some good results.possibly 4 more treatments...


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