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Medicare/Medicaid Reg Changes Against Hospitals and Patients

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Our tax dollars hard at work in the government. :-\

LOL @ paperwork.   I hear ya Basquo.
That damn paperwork can be a pain in the arse.
They always ask me to sign the "Preadmission Screening Assesment Form" on patients in the long term acute care unit, after the patient is there.  I always refuse.  I refuse, because they should not ask me to forge my name on a document that says I assessed and accepted the patient before they got there, when I in fact was not ever given the opportunity to do so.  If they decide to sidestep our department in their admission and acceptance of a patient, then the patient gets there, and they discover we don't have what we need to care for that patient, I will be damned if I am going to sign a piece of paperwork that says I was given advanced notice of the patients requirements. LOL   We also tried to give all patients tobacco cessation education upon admission.  When the nurse did the new patient assesment, they were to ask "Do you use tobacco" and check a box marked yes or no, then ask "Do you want access to tobacco cessation information" and check a box marked yes or no.  Then the nurse would carry a brochure in the next time they went in.  We could not get them to give out the brochures or check the boxes.
My job sometimes seems 90% jumping through hoops, and about 10% patient care.  I think this leads to some of the apathy in people not performing good infection control techniques.

I seem to remember a study done in the last couple years here in the UK (because of the recent MRSA problems) that showed DOCTOR'S TIES were a big source of bugs being spread around.

It makes sense - who is going to wash a silk tie after one wear? Even a polyester one... I don't know anyone that washes their ties at all. Spilled food gets wiped off and if it stains, the tie gets thrown out. I do recall seeing the odd tie here and there at the dry cleaners, but not very often.

The damned things should be outlawed in a medical setting. OK for the boardroom, not ok for the ward(room).



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