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Wes k:
Hello here, I am Wes k from Liberia my best friend almost a sister to me becos we live just next door is extremely sick have been tested for HIV and is positive  she ihas been sick for more than 5years even though she is taken medicine but there is no improvement  she terribly in a worst condition she have lost one of her sight  can't really here well and she is really suffering she lost weight drastically no sign of improving please what can I tell here to help and comfort  her to get normal and healthy like others who are living with aids every time I see her I feel bad and depress I really want her to be looking good again please help with advise for me to give her.

Jim Allen:

Sorry to hear that she is sick and, hope she feels better soon.

She needs to keep working with her doctors. If she is taking HIV medication (ART) for 5 years and they are suppressing HIV, then it's a case of working with her doctors to treat any other medical conditions or infections she might have that are making her sick, same as anyone else.

All you can do is be supportive, and prehaps just let her know you want to help if she needs it, that way she can let you know if she needs anything.


BTW I split your post into its own thread. It's the rule here not to post your own concerns/questions in other peoples threads.


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