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How do you feel about the person who infected you?Do you forgive them?

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--- Quote from: Snowangel on March 01, 2021, 02:13:55 pm ---I feel nothing which is beautiful, for the longest, he scared me to death. 

We ran into each other at the grocery store about 6 years ago and he apologized.  We are kinda friends now. Our son, who is turning 23 this year, can't stand him.   I am not trying to make excuses for people who are physically violent but a lot of times they have had childhood trauma that never gets dealt with and it comes out thru abusing others.

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I understand this. The man who infected me had to deal with a mother who was violent. His father was always out with other women.
I don't know if I don't care anymore or if I just forgave him. But I knew his life story and it only helped me feel bad and stay with him at first.
Now I have been married 17 years to a man who doesn't hit me. I chose not to be friends with man who infected me. Instead leaving him behind understanding that I moved on as he had.
Last I heard his children turned on him. His wife left him when he lost his company.
Here I am bored at times. But today I have a career and been married 17 years.

I just tested positive 1 week ago, so as of right now, HELL NO! I'm actually going thru the process of pressing charges! He knew he had it, didn't tell me and chose to let me have unprotected sex with him, A LOT,, for 4 months.  I don't know that I ever will. I will probably stop hating him because hating him will only wear me down, but forgive him? NAH

Iím still very angry at the person who infected me, I was engaged to him and found out at a meeting at church that he had a male lover he was dealing with that was infected with the virus. I found out a few months after being infected his cousin told me he intentionally infected me because I questioned his sexual preference. I believe itís harder for me to get over because I had to see him and his mother frequently at job. So the constant reminder the person that altered my life abs the reason Iím no longer able to date seriously is rubbed in my face.

Jim Allen:

Hiya and welcome to the forum.

As a new member, can you please open an introduction thread in the "I Just tested positive" section and introduce yourself to the forum members. Thanks.

Let us know how are you doing, how the treatment is going etc. It's standard for new members. :)

I gave myself HIV by my choices and actions.

As to who I contacted HIV from, I honestly don't know


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