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Biktarvy prehaps the best option for HIV/HBV coinfection


Jim Allen:
Interesting treatment results for those living with HIV + HBV

Once-daily pill suppressed HBV viral load in nearly two thirds of people with HIV/HBV coinfection.

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In short:

--- Quote ---The Phase III ALLIANCE trial enrolled 243 participants, mostly in Thailand, China or Malaysia, who had not previously been treated for HIV or hepatitis B. Most were men, about 90% were Asian and the median age was about 32 years. About 80% were hepatitis B e antigen positive.

The participants were randomly assigned to receive Biktarvy, taken as one pill once daily, or dolutegravir plus TDF/emtricitabine, taken as two pills once daily. The primary endpoint was HIV and HBV viral suppression at 48 weeks, with treatment continuing through 96 weeks.

At 48 weeks, 95% of people taking Biktarvy and 91% of those taking dolutegravir plus TDF/emtricitabine had an HIV viral load below 50. CD4 cell gains were 200 and 175, respectively.

But HBV suppression was more difficult to achieve: 63% of people taking Biktarvy and 43% of those taking dolutegravir plus TDF/emtricitabine had an HBV viral load below 29 copies. This was a statistically significant difference in favor of Biktarvy.
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