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Six-country study shows DTG-based treatment is highly effective in children


Jim Allen:
Good results.

In Short:

--- Quote ---Dolutegravir-based treatment achieves rapid viral suppression in children and adolescents and the vast majority maintain viral suppression, Dr Jason Bacha of Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative reported at the 24th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022) in Montreal today.

Ninety-two percent had a suppressed viral load six months after starting dolutegravir-based treatment or switching to dolutegravir.

The ODYSSEY study reported in 2021 that dolutegravir-based treatment was superior to either efavirenz- or protease inhibitor-based treatment in children and adolescents for first- or second-line treatment, confirming a conditional World Health Organization recommendation in 2019 that dolutegravir-based treatment was preferable for children wherever possible.

However, there has been limited evidence from cohort studies of the impact of moving children from other treatment regimens to dolutegravir-based treatment, or viral suppression in previously untreated children.
--- End quote ---


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