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Iím sickÖ not Covid

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I tested for Covid three times. All negative. I had two rapid tests and one from my primary care which took a few days for results.
Iím just wondering what I do have. Iím isolated as I get better. My taste and smell are normal. As normal as they can be with a runny nose and really sore throat.
Today Ihadto tell the mail lady through the door we are isolating and canít come out. She just backed away. I saw through the peep hole that she walked away.
Im very bored besides feeling fatigue.

Jim Allen:
Hope you feel better soon. If it's not COVID still isolate as much as possible, no point in passing whatever shit it is on. Talk to your doctor if things get worse or you are concerned.

I am isolating since last Thursday. I called the doctor once. Iím afraid to go in to see a doctor because I could be contagious. Iíll make another call tomorrow.

Hope you are doing better now.

Best to you.


I did make the virtual appointment. I had a bacterial sinus infection. The RN prescribed some antibiotics and cough medication. Iím feeling much better.
I just took the last antibiotic tonight.


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