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Title: aids-write.org: "squeaky clean" torrance bans mmj
Post by: rk@aids-write.org on August 04, 2006, 04:34:47 am
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“squeaky-clean” & whitelike: torrance city council bans medical marijuana clinics ‘cause it’s not our problem. simon weisenthal center police “tolerance” trainer & council member nowatka leads the council in turning their backs on mmj patients. let them go somewhere else. (354)


i attended the mmj-themed torrance california city council meeting last night (tuesday, 8/1). the entire city council cheezed, and voted unanimously, with behind-the-scenes orchestration, to ban marijuana clinics from torrance. the two council members who had opposed the ban july 18, 2006, reversed their votes.

“we have a squeaky-clean city here,” said paul nowatka — mister no — the city council member and and 33-year veteren ex-police leader who was “out of the country on business” and returned and reopened the failed ordinance consideration from two weeks ago. “no tattoo parlors. no gambling. no head shops.” squeaky clean and white-like. (so massage parlors are ok, sailor? or is that one of the things too outrageous to mention in public? what about abortion clinics? what about street drugs? what about porn shops? what about the internet? what about banning cigarette and liquor sales? getting rid of bars? antisemitism? bigotry? racism? chauvinism? homophobia and homo-hatred? unseemly greed? the employment of illegal aliens? economic class arrogance? self-deception? the list goes on.) . . .

medical marijuana is an aids issue. i know you don’t like that. but at the moment, as i reported to you tuesday night, an estimated 25,000 hivers in los angeles county might benefit immediately from the use of medical marijuana as a treatment option. how many other sizeable la-based medical populations might also immediately benefit? 20 communities? 30? 100?

please take a look at the full report at http://aids-write.org/?p=197


i’ve sent copies of the full report to all members of the torrance city council by email.

frank scotto, mayor:

hope witkowsky, council member:

tom brewer, council member:

pat mcintyre, council member:

bill sutherland, council member:

paul nowatka, council member: