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HIV Medication for International Student


Hi everyone,

Its great to find out this forum.  I was suffered from depression after diagnosed 2 years ago. Now, I am consider applying for a Master's degree at NYC and I am from Asia.

I want to reach out to get clarity on some of my concerns before moving forward with decision making - I spent months to research but there is no definite answer:

1- I have a student visa, will I have a high chance of receiving HIV treatment and care free of charge or will it depend on student insurance coverage? If not, is there any way I could get it considered my financial hardship through social service organizations? I tried ADAP but there is no response.

2- When I travel to US, I think it can take a little while to transfer me to the HIV treatment facility, how many months should I bring my drugs in advance?

I am so worried and confused now.

Thank you for supporting me!

hi there, i don't know much about student health insurance, but I assume that it should cover HIV treatment.

but in NYC, you can visit Apicha Community Health Center (, they can help you to find programs that support you.

Most likely your treatment will be free.  When you arrive go to an aids service organization. They have case workers who Know the various programs like ADAP.
My ASO recommended bring a 3 month supply. But by the 3rd day in the US I had a card to get free antiretroviral meds. It took me 6 weeks to get an appointment with the Ún site Dr. Who prescribed the meds.
Bring copies of blood tests,medicine bottles, lab results, and Dr report from where ever you get care.


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