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My last ID Appointment just last week, I told ID doc I was feeling a lack of "zap" & "spark" that i always had, and it certainly has not been the same since my illness with advanced DX back in May 2018. I mentioned I feel a bit of "drag" & a bit of stress this year as a lot of stuff going on around me biting at me. Anyway, I asked for a Testosterone test, which Dr. took bloods for, as my age nearly 50, we all know low Testo can cause this. Anyway...

ID Doc also suggested there's a psychologist attached to our ID Clinic for us poz people as part of their holistic treatment ethos, & suggest it might be worth having a chat with the Psychologist too regarding the "drag" I feel and lack of zap & spark so I agreed, why not.

Psychologist just called me, very nice lady, asked a few questions, and if I am open to a proper chat which I agreed to. So in 2 weeks approx I have a 1 hour initial phone session with the Psych. Also due to fact I keep my DX secret & have no one to talk to about it (other than you good people on here).

I am a bit nervous about this, as I am the traditional (probably unoptimal) way of "Man Up!" so I bottle things up & soldier on, I don't like to show emotion public lets say, undentable armour .  So my question is, I am a bit nervous about talking about any deeper stuff I. might be asked about!?!  :o

For one, I really hate even when new docs ask me about how I got infected... ok I did go with a lot of women at one point & sometimes didn't take care the horniness just got the better of me but i'd hate if that was probed into.

Any advice for me? Have any of you ever consulted with a psychologist for poz people?

Dear Loa,

It will definitely help you. I have been taking to one weekly since 2 months and it helps a lot (even though mine is not Poz specialized).
Go for it, it might difficult to talk in the beginning, tell her about it, it is a long process…


psychology and psychologists are by no means any suggestion of pathology or weakness. They are highly skilled at helping you make sense of your world and your relationship to your world.

The process may be one or two visits, or longer.  You will gain tools and techniques to help yourself.

Not all people and their psychologists get on well, it's ok to leave one and find another if that's how you feel.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice guys.

I am looking forward to giving it a go & see what develops. I have to fill in a pre-appointment questionnaire & sent it back to help psychologist prep.

It will be interesting to see how I feel, as I always had a view point, that the exploring into ones mind, might stir things up for the worse, however I am willing to work beyond this, and go in with an open mind.


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