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Schooling is good. Whichever system you prefer, local Thai, UK, US. Just have to check what is available in the area you want. I am a Brit, my son did a bilingual school with Thai and UK systems. Reasonable price. The full international schools are more expensive.

I no longer work here, I use to be in the oil industry. They have made things much harder now, they obviously prefer locals to have a job before expats. You would for sure need company sponsorship to work here, work permit and correct visa. Being over 50 I get a retirement visa.

Plenty of property to rent, condos, houses. They never stop building. My wife owns the house I live in, and the car, and the clothes I wear. Can't help thinking I messed up somewhere


--- Quote from: TGun on October 05, 2021, 08:14:21 am ---how are all the other living situations? rent, work., schools etc?

--- End quote ---

I lived in Pattaya for 10 years (but back home about 5 years now). You'd need, same as Dave R said, if you moved there, to at least get your kids into a Bilingual School with an English Program e.g. depending on the school, they'd teach the maths, science, social studies, via English & the rest in Thai. This means if you go back to live in the West your kids can slot back into the English speaking world. I would not put kids in a Thai school unless you were going to stay there for life.

Eating out is cheap (usually). Rent is cheap, buying property can be cheap depending on where you go & how you buy. Cars as expensive due to heavy import tax. If you've no insurance & a major health issues emerges or took a heart attack or something you'll be in for very expensive medical bills depending on where you go.

To be honest, I came home as I think schooling & future opportunities are better for my kids in the West. However, I loved living there. Didn't know I was Poz until I relo'ed back home & got sick. I'm glad I did not have to navigate doctors in Thailand trying to figure out Hiv treatment.

Lots of other good places to live other than Pattaya, but further away from there you go, the less English is spoken.

I do miss living there myself very much. 

Dave R... I lived out the "Dark side" not so far from Soi Khao Talo. Loved it over there. Though an educated guess interaction with ladies in the Soi Bakow area might have landed me on this forum!


--- Quote from: Loa111 on October 07, 2021, 06:25:55 am ---

Dave R... I lived out the "Dark side" not so far from Soi Khao Talo. Loved it over there. Though an educated guess interaction with ladies in the Soi Bakow area might have landed me on this forum!

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I live in the same area, the Dark Side. A couple of Soi's further down the Sukhumvit Road, couldn't live in the city. There are far better places to live, I use to live down in Songkhla for a while, but Pattaya is hard to beat for convenience.

The biggest down side is, probably like yourself, the local nightlife and entertainment is what led me to this forum also. Although at the time, I thought it was great. Such is life.

LOA and DaveR,

thank you so much.  i am familiar with pattaya and the darkside along with buakhao,,,, my kids are half filipino, so picking up and leaving here to go there appeals to us since it is closer to the philippines and seeing family(and cheaper to see them)  Philippine healthcare is abysmal at best which im scared to live there with this condition.  I mainly am thinking the healthcare for PLWHIV in thailand is probably almost the best in the third world countries.  I'm just trying to come up with a back up plan in the event this cost of living doesn't come down at all in the USA,, its getting wuite incredible and my pension on'y stretches so far.   Main concerns are the wife and kids tho, thats it,, along with my health


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