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Cabenuva and Stockpiling Medication


I am considering switching to Cabenuva. I've been POZ since 2014. I guess the thing I'm hesitating about is not being able to have a cushion of extra medication. I've always had between 6-12 months of medication on hand at home. I feel that its important to me to have a backup. I'm leaning towards asking for scripts for vocabria and Durant as a backup for whatever life may bring. I could also keep my current stockpile and switch if necessary. I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on this.

That may not be the regimine for you if you need stock piles of medication.

Vocabria is not indicated as a monthly treatment. It's only indicated for induction to Cabebuva.

Cabenuva has such a long half life, there's not much need to stockpile honestly.

I donít need stockpiles. I think itís a good regimen for me. Iíve reflected a bit on how my extra medication has served me and it actually hasnít. The US healthcare system sometimes incentivizes behavior that it shouldnít. Thanks for responding to my post. Iím sure it will all work it self out.

Oh I get it. I had stockpiles because of how my insurance system works in the US.

I've been on it for 3 years and it has changed my life. I wouldn't go back to tablets if I have any control over it.


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