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For Michael Bruce (1964 - 2007)


Memorial Dedication for Michael Bruce (1964 Ė 2007)

So here it is, babyÖyour place on the new Memorial Forum.  It is with the greatest of love and respect that I place your name here, in a little corner of this virtual property where I have found a home in so many ways.  Here, a part of you will be close to me and these wonderful people that Iíve come to call friends, even family.

I suppose if I am honest about it, I have to confess that this is as much for me as it is for you.  I need an anchor, a place to return for reflection and remembrance.  For me, it will be that final resting place that youíve never gotten.  This is where I will pay my respects and do my best to honor your memory.  Here is where your name will meet new eyes, where others might come to learn a little about you. 

Iíve included a link or two below to the other threads I had made in reference to your passing Ė just to keep everything collected.  Oh, and also a link to that Garth Brooks song we listened to on one of our last nights togetherÖthat one particularly cuddly night.  Over time, I will make some additions.  Iíll include a photo or two if I can.  For now, I will leave it at this. 

Itís like I told you before, babe:  Iíll always love you and Iíll never forget you.  Iíll treasure the brief time we had together for the rest of my life.  Regardless of the conclusion to which things came, I will be ever thankful that your path crossed with mine.

I wish you peaceful rest.


previous links for Michael:

a little song of personal significance:

Michael is smiling down on you tonight, Tim.  :)

Ric Wilke:
Rest peacefully Michael.  Timmy still loves you with all of his heart.  God bless you both.


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