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To all those who have gone before us


An old friend and a roommate of over 7 years, a wonderful cook and a mentor to me in so many ways, Leslie Deutsch, who died at age 51 of failures to his respiratory and digestive systems and a heart that gave out.  I was terribly depressed after his passing and took sick myself later that year, 1995.  But the new meds came out and I was lucky to start at the right time.

There were others, friends and members of my support group that I joined later that same year including a friend Jeff who took me under his wing comes to mind.  He showed me the ropes of living with and coping with this disease.

In memoriam to them and others,


Thinking of my late husband, David, who died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma right before the PIs came out.  I always tell myself that he could still be here.  Only if....

God Bless all of them.  Thinking of our Christine tonight, too.

Unlike so many of you here who have had to bear the pain of losing so many friends and loved ones I have only met one young man who passed away from Aids in 2006..he is a young man I will never forget...I would also like to join Cindy in remembering Christine and James who were both a very big part of our AM family.

R.I.P James, Tony and Christine.

This for Alan (alanbama) and for those who weren't able to join us at the  memorial service in San Fransisco..this is the poem I read out for those who had gone before us.

We were all given a flower and then one by one we stepped forward and  dedicated it to someone special as we lay it in the center of the "Circle of Friends"

While our lives go on without you
Nothing is the same
We have to hide our heartaches
When someone speaks your name

Sad are the hearts that loved you
Silent are the tears that fall
Living our lives without you
Is the hardest part of all

Those special years will not return
When we were all together
But with the love within our hearts
You will walk with us forever

Guiding us to a place far greater than we know
For you the journey was quicker
But for us the journey slow

But when our journey finally ends
We will claim a great reward
And we'll find everlasting peace
As you take us to meet your Lord

These flowers we dedicate to you with love and with respect
And say to those who have passed away
You are still with us
We will never forget.

Love always

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