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Hello from Lima PERU


Hi guys .... :)
I was asking about anyinfo about activism in PERU, I live at Lima almost my entire life (40), I'm into meds but dont see so much support groups here.
Any info welcome
see you

Hi Revenger,
See if this helps you out any.  This came from
Wishing for the best!

Acción en SIDA
Esta institución publicar un boletín de información sobre VIH/SIDA validada para la experiencia regional de América Latina y El Caribe. Sitio con foros regionales y un banco de recursos con manuales, documentos y radiales. Oficina en Lima.
Publishes a bulletin of HIV/AIDS-related information aimed at the Latin American and Caribbean communities. Website features regional forums and a resource bank of articles. Offices in Lima.

Para Ti
Brinda actividades (grupos de información especialmente para las mujeres), estudios y una línea gratuita para las mujeres seropositivas en Lima.
Offers research studies, a free telephone hotline and information groups for HIV-positive women in Lima.

PROCETSS (Programa de Control de Enfermedades de Transmisión Sexual y SIDA)
Una organicación para la prevención del VIH/SIDA y de las ETS en Peru.
A organization dedicated to the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STDs in Peru.

Red SIDA Perú
Un listado de organicaciones en Perú que brindan asistencia legal, prevención y educación en talleres, charlas y cursos, asistencia psicológica, pruebas de despistaje VIH e ITS, tratamiento, atención médica, trabajo social, banco de medicamentos, terapias grupales, atención nutricional, líneas telefónicas, eventos de prevención, publicaciones y documentos para personas VIH positivas.
A list of Peruvian organizations offering legal assistance, prevention and education workshops, courses and chats, psychological assistance, HIV and STD testing, treatment, medical care, social work, medicine banks, group therapy, nutritional assistance, telephone hotlines, prevention events, publications and articles for HIV-positive people.

Hello !!!   :D and thanks !!  :)

Let me express some frustration here, I've been detected since Feb'2001, and taking meds for free (lucky me), but I've always got wishes to help more people at least with supporting words, or doing some jobs related my profession (computing enginner), so two years ago, I've decided to email several aids organizations here (mostly No Gobertment Organization), but it was really frustrated, most of them are realy close circles, where just few people lead them, and try to ban anyone from outside, because they wouyld loose money benefits, that people travel several times a year, attend conferences, spend money hiring consultors, but (as example) didnt want to buy ONE computer to teach internet to AIDS patients, they say I could use 2hours a week, one of their PCs at office to teach that class, I offered to tech it for free, to let aids people to keep informed and contacted one each other. And I have similar examples around ....

I was expecting to contact a real support group formed by REAL people, not for money-interested people, and some of those people are....

Hope you were luckier than me ....
See you

You could start a support group!  Granted it will take some time and effort on your end. 


"But I've always got wishes to help more people at least with supporting words, or doing some jobs related my profession "

Join the club. My whole goal is to provide the support and teachings that people need today in this society. I am working on a group called The Eldon Foundation and we will address as many issues as we can to help out.

I just need to get the funding in place for all that needs to be done. You are right on target, people need to support each other regardless of the organization and how it is structured. You are another who thinks like other do.

Our voices needs to be heard.


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