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twelve hiver sites contribute to first issue of intl carnival of pozitivities

twelve sites contribute to first issue of international carnival of pozitivities, an anthology of aids/hiv-related posts from the hiv-er blogosphere; premier edition hosted by ron hudson at 2sides2ron (349)

The First Edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities

from ron’s preface:

Welcome to the Premier Edition of the International Carnival of Pozitivities.
. . . there is a tendency of people to think in limited terms about who is affected by HIV/AIDS. We know of the gay male and IV-drug communities around the world and we are learning of the terrible impact on individuals in indigenous and ethnic communities. We must move beyond the demographics, however. It is one thing to refer to the fact that in the US, for example, AIDS is now the leading cause of death among African-American women between the ages of 25-44. What is not being stated is the fact that if any single one of us is living with HIV/AIDS in our community, then we are all living with HIV/AIDS. We need to own this disease communally for the simple facts that it is transmissible and tragic and that it infects people not because it is punishment, but because it is possible. Over 42 million souls, people like you and me, are infected across the globe today. Unless we find a way to shift the paradigm of care-giving, prevention and compassion to include all of us, there will be many more tears to shed in the future.

Please pull up a chair and join me in looking at our first words to the human community from this new forum. I hope that you get something worthwhile from visiting and that you will come back on a monthly basis to read about what our lives are like with HIV/AIDS. Only through understanding can we grow compassion and only through communicating can we grow understanding. Come and communicate with us. Please leave your feedback for each of us who is participating here this month.

with contributions from

1.   The Spin Cycle.
I Am a Weapon Of Mass Depravity,

2.   Gray Matter Flatulence
AIDS is a Societal Problem, Not a Religious Agenda.

3.   NewEurasia,
Donor Politics and Priorities

4.   Stephen Mead Quilt Suite Videos
video Angels Falling, Excerpt #4 of the Quilt Series.

5.   Lassiter Space
Being HIV+ Has Its Advantages… ,


6.   2sides2ron


Queer Queries

For those people out there who might think that being HIV+ is no big deal, I have put together this post

poem: A Dry Well

7.   Pseudo-Adrienne's Liberal-Feminist Bias
nominated by Brad of AIDS Combat Zone for her round-up of international news from Planned Parenthood

8.   Acid Reflux: Life and Times of a Poz Guy
I Hate Antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9.   AIDS Combat Zone.
Testing Day 2006

sent in a poem that he shared at a community forum/discussion about the social marketing campaign “hiv (not) fabulous” at Plummer Park, West Hollywood. also included are notes exchanged with the director of the forum.

In an additional post, Richard evaluates productive-ness loss, an interesting soul-search that questions just what is lost by contracting HIV/AIDS: nos morituri te salutamus: my gay pride 2006 west hollywood report & how it is i didn’t go this year. thinking and writing and speaking up about hiv-diminished ability & productivity — still issues of shame and sorrow. (12 parts)

11.   Nightmare Hall - Welcome to my Nightmare

12.   A Positive Voice: My Life Growing Up as an HIV+ Child
Finding Out a Friend is HIV+,

The Second Edition of the Carnival will be hosted in August, 2006 at AIDS Combat Zone.


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