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Update on Triacetyluridine -- neuroprotective and anti-lypodystrophy issue


  Today I contacted Dr. Kelsen's Office at Sloan Ketterin Cancer Center 1-212-639-2428 and 1-800-525-2225 with hopes of finding out who made PN401  (triacetyluridine), a study drug that was published in the 1997 Journal of Clinical Oncology. 

  I was that Dr. Kelsen is in Israel and won't be back until July 10, 2006.  Perhaps someone make contact with Dr. Kelsen and get the contact information for this study drug.  We desperately need activist who are interested in persuing this.  Triacetyluridine is thought to be a drug that can partially reverse and prevent mitochondrial toxicity.  As of today, there are no FDA approved drugs for this condition.  There is one ACTU trial going on for a competing pro-uridine formulation from Europe, but the European drug is expensive and most likely won't be available for several years.  In addition, the FDA approval may be limited for a limited type of problem.

  Triacetyluridine has been studied for more than 20 years and is not exactly new.  It can literally mean life and death for an hiv patient.  I am wondering why more hiv patients don't get involved to get access to it.

  I encourage people to post their results to this forum.

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Well Ive got a box containing 30 capsules that include triacetiluridine and other components equivalent to 1,330 mg of uridine.
Núcleo C.M.P. Forte. Price: 8.90 euros tax included. Laboratory: Ferrer Grupo. Last update of instructions leaflet: June 1993.
Sold in every spanish pharmacy.


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