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Where you'd like to retire to?


Dreams which hopefully I can make come true someday....

I hate the winters in Western Europe, dark, cold, miserable, wet, cloudy Ireland, saps my energy.

I hope some day to be able to retire back to Thailand (I lived there for 10 years before full time), however my dream is to spend winters in Thailand in the sun & then summers back in Ireland.  I love the topical weather, flip flops, shorts & t-shirt life by the sea & palm trees.

What about you people?

Where would you like to retire to & doing what?

Ecuador for me.

My husband wants a place right on the coast, but I think I'd prefer one of the mountain areas, Quito or Cuenca or Cotacachi.

We're both learning Spanish, we'll rent for the first couple of years then buy.

 Neil has signed up for a course in animal  care and to volunteer at Taronga zoo here in Sydney so he will have a vocation over there when we get there. I'll probably teach English and do some environmental restoration, which is a passion

What's your passion and what will you do in retirement?


--- Quote from: harleymc on September 13, 2021, 04:17:56 am ---Ecuador for me.

What's your passion and what will you do in retirement?

--- End quote ---

Ecuador, that is interesting. I've never heard of people retiring there. Is the cost of living good if someone has funds in Western currencies?

For me, assuming I am fit & healthy as I age, I'd like to use my retirement time to keep doing gym work & fitness, weights, running etc. Also keep up martial arts, though one slows down for sure regarding doing that, so forget about keeping up with the young people & just do it at my own pace for enjoyment.

I definitely want to be in a warm climate, at least for the winter times, and I want to be beside the sea too. I have this dream of having a place overlooking the sea or beach somewhere. I am not sure how i can make this happen, but hey keep the dream & vision alive & maybe I will find a way.

It is going to be years before I can retire, I am turning 50 this year & have young sons, so maybe another 15 - 20 years. But to be honest, if I could find a way and semi-retire now, I would have no problem doing it. People say "you'd get bored".. I say "No I would not... between gym, fitness, reading books, going for walks, & a couple of daily visits to coffee shops to people watch, I would not be one bit bored! Truth!"


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