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Covid 19, fever and throat pain is not going away

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Dear Friends,

I have covid from three days . Doctor suggests to take VitamIn- C D3(60K), MULTIVITAMIN, paracetamal-650. My issue is when I take paracetamol fever is cool down else it is repeatedly coming.

So my doctor added doxycyxlin,  ivermectin from today. Is it okay can I do something else.
CD4 =800

Hi Bunny,

A simple search on google says that " ivermectin" Should not be used in treatment of covid. I am not familiar with doxycyxlin being used in treatment either. Unless your doctor sees another issue.

ACETAMINOPHEN, is used primarily to treat aches and pains and FEVER.

You will want to try to keep your fever down as much as possible. I think this is what the paracetamol should be accomplishing.

You need to stay hydrated, and stay home.  You should be in bed, and let your body relax as much as possible, to help fight this off, and get the healing process to begin



You will also need to keep in contact with your doctor. You should try to monitor you temperature frequently. Hopefully you have a home thermometer.



A friend of ours that contracted Covid,  8 months ago, took Tylenol. This is what his doctor told him to take. I could not tell you what the dose was, and how often he took it.

 He said it was a little tough for about 10 days, but after that, he started recovering quite quickly.

He lost his sense of smell and taste, but has since then got it back. He has fully recovered, and also got the vaccine.

Just make sure to stay in touch with your Doctor.

Hang in there !


Jim Allen:
Doxycycline is an antibiotic, maybe the doc has given that as prophylaxis to prevent a bacterial infection. It's not going to do much for COVID itself though.

Anyhow, hope you make a speedy recovery and feel better soon.

Keep us posted.


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