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A balanced diet might not be enough.

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Thanks Jim for updating my post with the correct item from the link which makes it much less confusing and dizzying. Here is the link to another article that I would like to share about the importance of looking into making sure you are getting adequate micronutrient intake.

Jim Allen:
I think it's a better link although with a pinch of salt.

--- Quote ---"The authors are employed by DSM Nutritional Products, a manufacturer of vitamins and supplier to the food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries. "
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The long-term consumption of poor dietary quantity (e.g., due to loss of appetite) or quality (e.g., restrictive, unbalanced, or low-nutrient dense diets [10,11]) increase the risk of poor nutritional status, particularly in individuals with increased needs or losses
--- End quote ---

On a serious note, there are many reasons for poor nutrition, poverty or low income being one of them. I can't imagine anyone reasonable would claim that poor nutrition is somehow healthy, it's a tad obvious like water is wet.

Best, Jim,of%20poverty%20and%20ill%2Dhealth.

I wholeheartedly agree Jim but for some of us it goes a lot deeper than having a properly optimized diet. If you are not the person actually experiencing it everything that I have been posting about can seem like just complete nonsense.

Jim Allen:
I don't disagree, nobody so far has, there are many reasons for poor nutrition or diets that don't meet individuals nutritional needs.

As for the complete nonsense, I don't think anyone thinks that I certainly don't at least. The first link posted was junk and nonsense though, that's irrelevant to what you experienced or not.

Ok..Got it.


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