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A balanced diet might not be enough.

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I have no intention to argue on this matter, as I know it can easily get very "ideological", so to speak.

I think the type of diet is a personal choice mainly based on culture and personal taste. I'm an omnivore, I eat almost anything. May I be more prone to obesity because of that? Maybe. Can I control that adjusting calories intake and exercising? In most cases, yes.

You like veganism, good for you!  :) Honestly, I didn't read through all the articles you posted, as I'm not currently interested in changing my diet. Anyways, I think that supporting your ideas with solid scientific background can only be a very good thing to do.


Jim Allen:

Not sure what obesity has to do with the topic micronutrient intake from food choices and not meeting 100% RDA or at the very least you are not making the link clear.

So stick to the topic or don't post here and open your own thread on obesity and include peer-reviewed links if obesity and veganism or vegan health and HIV is something that interests you and you wish to discuss.  I can even split the post for you from this thread to get you started, just PM me.

Side note:

You are offended that I would rather move to the grave than stick to a vegan diet, that's fine you're fully entitled to feel offended. I feel that you are offensive and dramatic as well, not much I can do about it but I am not going to make this personal.

Our options for being offended are the same. Report it or ignore it. I normally opt to bite my tongue and ignore it.


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