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A balanced diet might not be enough.

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I just know for me that the quality of life issues that I had faced were directly related to me not going on medications until 15 years after I was diagnosed. I had tried literally everything under the sun to manage these issues and the only thing aside from HAART that has worked for me is a complete and balanced micronutrient supplement program. The HAART basically brung the hiv viral load to under 200 copies and boosted the cd4s from under 200 to a present range of 500-600 and did restore energy levels quite significantly as well which I loved, but somehow despite all of that and having a very nutritious and balanced diet 24-7, life was still a struggle for me. The micronutrient supplements definitely brung me out of this struggle, although it was a long and laborious process just trying to learn how to properly balance them because of the complex nature of the micronutrient spectrum.

One word this article was completely
Missing was the word vegan. If everyone went on a whole food plant based diet, so many health issues could be mitigated and reversed.

Jim Allen:

--- Quote from: xrel0aded on December 15, 2020, 10:02:11 pm ---One word this article was completely
Missing was the word vegan. If everyone went on a whole food plant based diet, so many health issues could be mitigated and reversed.

--- End quote ---

Each to their own of course, personally, I would rather be dead first, no joke.

Anyhow, last few posts on the forum you seem to be pushing the vegan agenda, make sure to start including published peer-reviewed studies and links going forward. Thanks. The topic is diets, quality of micronutrient intake from food choices and not meeting 100% RDA.

That statement is absolutely dramatic, and offensive to all the dead flesh you choose to consume. I think extending your compassion to all of life and beginning to at least understand that you should honor the dead, ex-sentient being you're eating to fill your stomach will really bring about a vast and wonderful sense of humility. I see a lot of personal bias in here from older generations of HIV+ people, and frankly a lot of following the herd of what people like the AHA recommend without any sort of nutritional education and on top of that, shaming others who have decided to really verse themselves in optimizing their life. Health is a multi approach journey and not entirely a one size fits all, but 99.9% of people would be positively impacted hormonally, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc if they ate more plant based diets and elminated dairy and animals from their diets. What we eat becomes us. And what we eat is a big determining factor in our health outcomes. I'm more than willing to provide multiple peer reviewed articles as well as personal anecdotes regarding veganism on its own and in relation to chronic disease, I just feel as though you have already completely shut me down.



Several studies have shown that vegan diets are associated with a reduced incidence of obesity as they tend to include fewer trans-fats (which are found mainly in processed foods with partially hydrogenated fats), fewer saturated fats (which can also be found in fully hydrogenated vegetable oils), and more dietary fibre (Rizzo et al. 2013; ADA 2009, 1274; McEvoy and Woodside 2010, 84; Spencer et al. 2003; Davey et al. 2003; Haddad et al. 1999). Obesity is a known risk factor for a wide range of health conditions, including cardio-vascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and dyslipidaemia (WCRF/AICR 2007, 374376). In addition, HIV patients may avoid or reduce lipodystrophy problems by adopting vegan diets (McCarty 2003b). In recent years, many companies in the dairy industry have responded to the challenges associated with rising rates of obesity by producing and promoting low fat alternatives. In spite of the reduction in fat, these products still contain large amounts of calories that are turned into fatty tissues if they are surplus to human energy requirements, thus contributing to increases in weight (Lanou 2009)."

Look up: Rip Essylstyn
Dr. Ellesworth Wareham
Dr. Williams
T. Colin Campbell


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