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if yall like the brothers, the drummer for these guys is butch trucks' son, duane

they play in atl next month, may go see them

Elton John and Bruce Springsteen were also great live in concert.  And though I never saw her live I think kd Lang did the best version of Hallelujah ever.

Zach   thanks for the link to Hard Working Americans.  Here's one for a lazy Sunday afternoon.                                                            

kd lang's version of hallelujah, this was the performance cohen was in the audiance and wept, said it was the best cover he'd ever heard

gorgeous version of this song, zeppelins going to california, david rawlings machine, john paul jones on mandolin, who knew

hozier, take me to church, song is awesome, video is strong (think about the russian gays thread from a couple weeks ago)

further, mountain song... (note to jody, john kadlecik on guitar, channels jerry better than any man walking)

Jeff G:
Love all things Zeppelin and KD Lang ... she is a gift to the universe . The happiest I ever saw KD Lang was standing in the shadows singing backup with 5 other singers for Roy Orbison . 

I am not familiar with the band that covered the Zep song ... will fic that . 


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