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Thanks HIV worker

Yeah I think they did a viral load on both samples, if Im not wrong. They definitely tested one as they gave me the sheet which told me it said that. They also did the combined p24/antibody test

I think they just messed up a bit, they made me feel really anxious not knowing what the outcome was and made me sit around twiddling my thumbs thiking when will the result come back- and when I tried to speak about how Id cope with a positive result, they told me not to be so silly  ::)

All a big mess they didnt have to make- they could have simply said can we have some blood, taken it and told me I was ok and Id never have worried like this

Some people worry if they just ask for more blood. You can't win in that situation and in my opinion it's better to be transparent.


Hmm thats true

I just feel that they made a big deal out of it
From what they said, if they hadnt called me back in the test would have been repeated on my first sample and reported as negative the day after- but some person thought it better to call me the day before the repeat tests were due to be repeated


I will move on from it - Im quite a resiliant person and the advice I have had is to move on and to put it behind me, so I guess I have to do that  :)

thanks guys


I see you are posting in forums other than the Am I Infected forum. I'm sorry, but you shouldn't be doing that. Aside from Off Topic, the other forums are only for people who are living with hiv or their close friends or family.

Please only post in the Off Topic or Am I Infected forums.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Sorry guys it wasnt meant to cause offense to anyone at all


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