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Just a quick update

My counsellor, who I see for reasons other than the HIV, ended up discussing it with me as I brought up hoe various things have made me think about the test a bit more, including the possiblity I might want to have a baby in the nearish future and I know Ill be tested then

My counsellor suggested going back to the clinic for more info about the actua test I had, for some closure. And it threw up some interesting comments

I saw the health advisor. On the day, I had seen someone else who said ine was a " false positive"- Which can, I have been told , be indicative of seroconversion. Well, I was outside the 12 week window period, and also had a viral load test. BUT, the health advisor got out my notes, and said look this has been a result due to a technical problem. It was never your blood at all, and the lab have stated this

I wonder why I was never told- Ok, it doesnt make much of a difference as Im about 90 percent sure I am not infected. But hey, this has made things a bit clearer. From being told I was a false positive( which made me wonder what I did have that reacted) to being a result due to lab error. So who knows why they mentioned the western blot?

Alll intriguing really

Reposted om original thread:

Just a question about strains- I know a bit about HIV 1 AND 2- Do most places in Britain test for both of these and the subtypes- Is there a chance some people test negative but have a different strain- There is way too much info out there!

The reason I ask is mainly because an ex boyfriend lived in Africa for a year- and  he was having unprotected sex- He was one of the ones I broke a condom with. Im pretty sure I am not infected but when I read about different strains in the news I wondered a bit

thank you in advance


GUM clinics in the UK do indeed test for both hiv 1&2 due to the high prevalence of African immigrants. All of the strains will be detected by the end of the window period.

The window period in the UK is twelve weeks. The last tests you had were at twenty weeks and so your negative result is absolutely conclusive. You are hiv negative.

If you continue to have trouble accepting your negative hiv status, please keep working with your counselor to enable you to move past this and get on with your life.

You are hiv negative. You do not have hiv.


Thanks Ann

Im not so much having trouble accepting it, I do accept it, I just feel a little worked up. I have had a year of feeling like I didnt know one way or theo ther pushing bf away to  not have sex with him just in case etc etc- I guess its going to take a lot longer to work through this than I had expected in the beginning.

my counsellor is good, she understands where Im cming from and I am getting to the bottom of my worries about my infidelity on an ex bf etc etc- All issues which are clearly not justified to posting in am I infected, but are there nonetheless

I appreciate the work people onhere are doing.


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