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How to increase the number of your TC4

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The Canuck:
Ok then..I'll use only carrots as I prefer to turn orange before exploding. :-\

The Canuck


--- Quote from: The Canuck on June 01, 2006, 03:21:32 pm ---Ok then..I'll use only carrots as I prefer to turn orange before exploding. :-\

--- End quote ---

LOL! the only thing i might agree with from the original post is the anti-coffee anti-booze stance


--- Quote from: DingoBoi on June 01, 2006, 08:30:00 am ---Eating a balanced meal is all that is preferable

This is advice that I would consider UTTER RUBBISH

I'm sorry, but I must totally disagree with your advice.   Just because you may be on such a diet and have good numbers does not equal the diet causing good numbers.

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yeah it does seem rubbishesque


Wow.  What if you have metal fillings in your mouth or braces?  Can we cut the veggies with a metal knife?  Will the metal in the trucks transporting the veggies affect us?  Is Starbucks espresso shots in cans ok?  Can we pay for those using metal coins if we are out of paper dollars?  I hope I dont go to hell for this.

I admire you trying to advise on getting that cd4 to recover. With so many it takes FOREVER!!! Even with a long term undetectable VL (via meds), recovering the immune is a looong haul.

I have a friend out west thats been on meds since 1995. His cd4 was 85 when he started meds.
He lives alone and eats and has always eaten really bad foods. He lives off hot dogs, pizza, ice  crean & candy, lots and lots of canned foods and quick foods. Even with all that, his cd4 is now 900. The one thing he does do is take some 17 suppliments a day/week. Herbs, vitimins, tons of pills. His doctor says he over does the suppliments and they probably dont really help, but with his cd4 at 900 he ignores the doc and keeps on his suppliments.

I'd like to know the secret to getting the cd4 and more so that % to recover faster. I'm not willing to take a bucket full of suppliments, but there MUST be something that helps. I just dont know what it would be, or where to start. I dont want to take any more than I have too, but just the right suppliments to get results (whatever they might be???).

I'm very clueless in thiss area. To me, suppliments would be a "one-a-day" vitamin. I wouldnt know where to start to take of know what to take to really help your body. I wish the med field would address this issue with hiv folks on meds. My doctor isnt any help either since they seem to poopoo the idea of suppliments or that they even work. You know doctors...


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