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How to increase the number of your TC4

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Why thankyou..... I love your pic. I think the seen is in Bambi as thumper and Bambi are discussing the skunks name:-) and Bambi calls the skunk flower:-)) then the skunk replies) this is the sweetest line of all Walt Disney films?   'he he he  WHY, YOU CAN CALL ME FLOWER IF YA WANT TO.....(blush and scuffle to the side)'

hahhah,  :D yeah, flower is from bambi

Not sure but I don't think grindin gall your food until it is liquid is a good thing for your digestive system ..makes it weak and unable to digest soled food later on. also whole grain and wheat pasta is much beater for you than rice.

aw man, this old thing.  >:( ...... mikey, frednottingham (the original poster) apparently thought it would be fun to drop in from the outer galaxy, post some rubbish and fly away in his UFO  - don't give his post an ounce of your mental energy. it would be nice if this thread is locked - jmho

I love this post. It proves that Einstein was right. ' I'm not sure if the Universe is never ending, but the stupidity of man certainly may be.' ( Or just about, I forgot the exact quotation but that's the jist of it)


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