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Got back from doctor's visit, CONCERNED


Worrying Freddy:
Ok, please bare with me as I have a few valid concerns.

I cut my finger on electric hedge clippers, so I went to the doctors office to get stitches and see if I need any shots.

1. The doctor seemed rushed the whole time, but he still did his job.  He wrapped up my finger and did a good job with that (even though he was kinda rough and pushed on my open wound).

2. I needed a booster shot, so he called the nurse to get one.  AS HE WAS WAITING, he was typing all this information into his laptop.  The office changed to computer records rather than written records, HOW did they type EVERY patient's records into the computer without the chances of making a mistake?  All of a sudden all my records, etc. are in the hands of Windows XP and possibilities of glitches or mixing up a person's records?

3.  Nurse comes in with it, and from what I saw, he didn't even read the bottle, just filled the syringe and stuck it in my RIGHT arm, AFTER he said he would do it in my LEFT arm.. I didn't awnt to correct him though.

4. Afterwards, they had trouble finding the sheet explaining what the shot does.  So after 5 mins, the nurse settled for somethin with a differnet name, yet she claims it offers the same immunization.

Should I be worried?  The needle was sealed, but didn't seem to be locked up.  How do I know I got the right vaccination, and the nurse didn't mishear the doctor on the phone or grab the wrong one from the fridge?  How do I know my records arent glitched in Windows XP?  I'm worried the needle was out in the open, and someone tampered with it and then re-sealed it, or it was the wrong vaccination... or something is messedup in my records and I didnt need that vaccination after all?!?!!?

Oh yea, I should say that BEFORE she brought vaccination, I can recall some sexual noises coming from the room next door.  then the nurse walked out, i dont know if she was giving him a blow job or if the patient was moaning in pain... but what if she was giving a hand job or something and she didnt wash hands and then touched my vaccination/needle?  can I get aids from cum on a needle?

Seriously, is there a full moon?

I don't think so Jonathan, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone is bored and having some fun.

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