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If a condom has a hole on the top does it need for the hiv fluids need to enter the hole in able to become a risk?

There is not a such thing as HIV fluids. If the rip was at the base of the penis there is no worry about contracting HIV.

its vaginal sex. There is no really hole in the condom. But what if the condom has one tiny hole in top part where the semen goes if ejaculated. does it need for the vaginal fluids to enter first the tiny hole to become a risk?

If you notice a hole in the condom, DON'T USE IT.

Andy Velez:
As Rod has told you, if a condom has a visible hole then don't use it. And you can forget about worrying about microscopic holes. That just doesn't happen except in the mind of someone who's busy worrying to no good purpose.

Semen goes to the bottom of the condom which is why there is a pouch for it at the bottom of the condom. It doesn't travel back up the condom to the non-existent hole you're worrying about.

When there is a problem with a condom it's not a subtle event. It gives way and it's very obvious what has occured.



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