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oK hopefully i got your attention. im 24 white male living in ohio and recently found out i have HPV. what do i do about the casual sex thing? do gay men still have casual sex even though they have HPV? where can i talk to other men who have HPV? For some reason I think I have Anal warts not genital warts and that I can still have oral sex with other non-HPV guys and won't spread HPV. I believe that if I have anal sex without a condom then i would pass on HPV? What is the general consensus about my dilemma?

Over 3/4 of americans who are sexulay active at one time or another which have had more than a few partners are already infected with one strain of HPV or another. There are two or so strains which may cause vaginal type cancers.It usualy doesnt show signs in either sex. Some times stress and smoking can cause it to rear its head.. Otherwise most people have already been exposed and it is said in most cases the body rids itself of the virus in a few years.

Andy Velez:
It's not a matter of getting our attention. This is an HIV-focused site. Please discuss your HPV concern with your doctor.

Good luck with getting it clarified and properly addressed.


So I didnt know there were rude people on this site, (Andy Velez). Next time someone is asking for help and you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. I thought we learned this lesson in 3rd grade. It's nice you replied but I do believe that this is a forum about HIV and HIV related topics like HPV> So yes I've been to a doctor,and I was just pulling answers from my peers you J-Hole! So if anyone has any helpful hints, besides Andy Velez I'd appreciate it!

ohioguy24, guess you haven't been here long enough to know who you are talking to.  I don't know why you think HPV is a related topic, it's not. HPV is not specific to HIV. I can't see where you think Andy was being rude in the least bit. If you wanted to talk about HPV you should have done it in the Off Topic Forum.


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