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I have done my research, but still have doubts. Late last year I went to a massage parlor and received a hand job. I freaked out and stressed out for over 6 months. I decided to get an HIV test. It came back negative. I rejoiced. I swore to never put myself throught that again.

Time passed and the stress faded. I have been to two different massage parlors in the last two months. All I received at both places was a massage and a hand job. Now, In the last three weeks I have been ill. I have had a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and flu like symptoms. I just signed up for health insurance and have to wait till the 1st of July to go to the doctor.

Now, most "guide" and "lesson" sites say that mutual masturbation (they only massaged me) and erotic massage are "low risk". Now, "low risk" does not mean "no risk". Before I visit my doc, I want to hear from you guys if it is at ALL possible to contract HIV this way. Could there have been some virus on the oil bottle she handled? Could she have had some on her hand from a previous client?

I mean, you aren't psychics, but can you tell me if there is at all a chance that I may have been infected? I will have a test any ways - I just need to vent my nervousness.

Thanks! ???

I would imagine you've been here before and got the no risk statement and I would also imagine that they will say that the no risk statement is still in tact.  I doubt many if any have contracted it through handjobs?  You've probaby stressed yourself out to the point you feel sick.  Take a step back look at the situation from the outside.  If we all did handjobs, HIV would cease to exist.  The only real damage your doing to your body is stress.  If this is your only deal, I'm sure they will tell you, you're fine.

scaredstraight, You are in no position to give advice on this forum. Please stay in your own thread. Thank you for your cooperation.


I don't know (or care) what other websites you have been reading where you read that handjobs are low risk. They are NO risk.

Here on the AIDSmeds forums, we go only by tried and proven science as published in current, first-tier, peer-reviewed scientific/medical journals.

Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus. Successful transmission occurs INSIDE the human body, as in the case of unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse and very, very, very rarely through GIVING blowjobs.

Enjoy your massages and handjobs. They will not result in you becoming infected with hiv. And that's the scientific truth.

Use condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse and you will avoid hiv infection. It really is that simple.


PS... please read through the condom and lube links in my signature line so you can use those condoms with confidence. Also read through the Welcome Thread and follow the Transmission Lesson link.

Andy Velez:
You can have all the doubts your mind comes up with, Manny. The bottom line is there no basis whatsoever in HIV science for you to be concerned about transmission during your recent visits to massage parlors. None whatsoever.

It's always good to check persistent symptoms out with your doctor.

And the other thing I will say is that maybe you have some thoughts or feelings about going to massage parlors which are prompting these worries. That's only a question and not an interpretation, so you can decide if there's any veritas to that.

As far as HIV is concerned you don't have any reason to worry or to get tested, but the testing part is up to you.



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