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3 weeks ago, i tried an earring on the street. i could not see any blood on it. my ear hole became red. there were no blood but as i said it looked irritated and it hurt.
do i get hiv in that way?
i am very curious and scared. please help me  :'(

Andy Velez:
Lum, please read the lesson on this site about transmission. You were not in anyway at risk for HIV transmission in your earring incident.

This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come. To insure protecting your health with regard to the real risk, which is specifically either vaginal or anal intercourse, and to spare yourself unnecessary worrying, you need to become acquainted with the real risks and the simple way of protecting yourself.

You have no cause for worry about this recent incident.


hello andy, i have already read the lesson. but i saw something about needles on that page. isn't an earring a needle?

No an earring is not a needle.


--- Quote from: RapidRod on June 27, 2006, 03:51:44 pm ---No an earring is not a needle.

--- End quote ---
so that means it is impossible that i got hiv, right?


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