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Very Scared. . . Kinky sex got out of hand

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I appreciate RapidRod's "Stick to the facts" approach, but if anyone wants to post some chattier remarks, I'm all for it.  I'm a suit and tie guy in real life, and I don't have anybody I can talk about a bad bondage encounter to--lol.  I feel very isolated and alone right now--so if anyone has some time to post, I'd appreciate it.

I've delivered Meals On Wheels in the past and even volunteered at an AIDS hospice before.  But I always assumed because I was so careful that I wouldn't be in this position.  Obviously, I assumed wrong.

PEP is a personal decision.  Its a severe regimen akin to chemotherapy and not at all pleasant.
You must wait 13 weeks POST PEP to test for HIV conclusively.

Does it work?  Yes.  100% no, I believe its around 60% success rate.

Its a personal decision.  Did you have a legitimate HIV risk?  Yes unfortunately you did.  Are your results lowered because of no ejaculation?  Considerably.  Herein lies the decision you must make.  Your health is your protection but in your case, you didn't ask for this...and its pretty clear this isn't a close friend of yours.  In my humble opinion you must ask yourself the tough questions of how you'll feel over the next 13 weeks with PEP and how you'll feel if you elect not to take PEP .

Perhaps you might have a discussion with the man in question, he shouldn't be flippant since you requested a condom and he breached your trust.

Just be aware, PEP is MUST 100% committ to the PEP and not back out when it gets ugly and it will get ugly.  DO not waste valuable drugs that you are NOT prepared to follow through with.

My suggestion is to go talk to a Dr...NOW.  That might help you with the decision...and I really recommend you talk to someone anyway.


I started a PEP program today.  Luckily, I live in a big city with a large gay population and I was able to find (through some amazing internet resources) a doctor who was able to see me.  He deals almost exclusively with hiv patients, and he put me on a regimen of drugs.  He said he would be very surprised if I have any real problems with them, which allayed my concerns about the risks of them.  He also said my risk factor for the encounter was minimal, but he felt that if I wanted to be proactive, that was a smart thing to do.  I feel light years better now and I suggest anyone who has had an unsafe experience find a doctor in your area who specializes in hiv issues.  I am very pleased that I followed through with this.

Andy Velez:
Well, given what you have described I would say the odds are very much in your favor that you will test negative.

From now on when you have intercourse, if you're the receiving partner make sure you see the guy put the latex on.

Also, remember that as far as getting tested in relation to this incident, you have to wait 13 weeks from the time you finish the PEP regimen to get a reliable result.

Good luck and stay busy during the waiting time. It will help to make it pass more quickly than you may imagine possible right now.


Thanks Andy, the doctor reassured me in much the same way.  I think I will test negative as well, and it's nice to do something pro-active about the situation, rather than waiting around for 13 weeks.


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